eclipse do not start . hang

Eclipse – How to resolve “Initializing Java Tooling”
Eclipse is one of my favorite IDE’s. In fact, it is more popular than any IDE out there. But working with Eclipse hasn’t been always smooth, there is no end to problems you face if you are too innovative to use it.

Recently i noticed when eclipse starts, in progress console, it will always show “Initializing Java Tooling” stuck at 1%. If you do any further action command, it will lie in waiting queue. Even if you close eclipse, it will keep on waiting for “Initializing Java Tooling”. Definitely something wrong have caused it.

To solve this issue, you can do following-
delete the following directory and it’s sub-directories- $WORKSPACE/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/.project
Restart Eclipse, the problem should go away.


eclipse cdt 远程调试 linux c

I believe that the “C/C++ Remote Application” option uses Eclipse’s RDT (Remote Development Tools) and RSE (Remote System Explorer) to connect, upload, execute, and debug the application itself. It

If all you want to do is connect to a gdbserver, then create a “C/C++ Attach to Application” debug configuration, and under the Debugger tab, set Debugger to gdbserver.

2. 参考: 【这篇文章写的很完整】

3. 另一篇文章:  【TODO 还没看完】

在eclipse 中增加 Remote System Explorer 插件

Eclipse install plugin

前提: 使用eclipse 在线安装插件,需要会科学上网

1. install Marketplace
a) Run Eclipse and select Help -> Install New Software.
b) In the [Work with] window,下拉选择 【Juno –】
c)Select and expand general purpose tools
d)Select and install Marketplace client



2. install Remote System Explorer
a) Run Eclipse and select Help -> Install New Software.
b) In the [Work with] window,下拉选择 【Juno –】
c)Under Name, expand Mobile and Device Development and select these items:

C/C++ DSF GDB Debugger Integration
C/C++ Remote Launch
Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime
Remote System Explorer User Actions

eclipse 使用

答: ctrl+O
答:点击函数,方法 右击 选择 【open call hierarchy】
问: 实现类
问: 改变字体大小

  1. On the eclipse toolbar, select Window ! Preferences
  2. Set the font size (General → Appearance → Colors and Fonts → Java > Java Editor text font).
  3. Save the preferences.